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Did you know that the success of your orthodontic treatment largely depends on how your follow the instructions provided by Dr. Frank Iuorno and our team? If you are receiving braces to improve the alignment of your teeth, we can help you enjoy successful treatment and complete your orthodontic treatment as soon as you can. One important guideline to keep your braces in good shape is to eat a diet that is safe for your orthodontic appliance.

Maintaining a healthy diet helps to not only keep your body in good shape but also maintain your orthodontic appliance so that it remains functional and can help you achieve a beautiful smile. If you frequently eat foods that are too hard or crunchy for your appliance, you may experience damage such as loose and broken brackets, bent wires and other delays in the progress of your treatment. If your braces become worn down or broken, they lose their efficacy and cease to help your smile, and this is why it’s important to eat a healthy diet that doesn’t jeopardize your braces or prevent you from achieving the desired results.

Another reason to eat food that is healthy and safe is because it can lead to having a smile that is strong and healthy. Foods that are harmful enough to cause damage to your braces and also hurt your teeth by leading to cavities, gum disease and tooth enamel loss, further delaying your orthodontic progress by causing complications.

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