Treatments for a Better Smile: Malocclusion Detection

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Orthodontic treatments are capable of treating and eliminating malocclusions. A malocclusion, also frequently referred to as a bad bite, includes or several conditions in which your teeth are not sitting correctly in your mouth. The following is a list of malocclusions that commonly arise within your oral health:

– Underbites manifest when the lower incisors do not connect with the upper incisors.
– In situations where a misplaced midline occurs, the center of your upper incisors does not link up with the center of your lower incisors
– Crossbites are present when your upper and lower jawbones do not connect.
– An open bite is an oral health problem in which the top and bottoms of your teeth do not connect properly.
– Transposition malocclusions can be spotted when teeth do not erupt in the proper spots in your mouth.
– Rotation malocclusions originate when you have crooked teeth.
– Spacing malocclusions arise when there are zones between teeth, or your teeth are too overcrowded.
– An overbite is a case in which your upper incisors linger out past your lower incisors.

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