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Here at West End Orthodontics’s clinic in Glen Allen, Virginia, our orthodontist, Dr. Frank Iuorno, is often called upon to help those who are suffering from misaligned teeth. This often requires installing traditional braces to create a functional system that is capable of altering the alignment and orientation of the teeth.

It’s important to keep in mind that if a component of your braces becomes bent, damaged, or compromised in some way, it could harm your mouth. Damage to your braces could also increase the time it takes to fully correct the alignment of your teeth.

Dr. Frank Iuorno and his staff note that there are a few things you can do to maintain the structural integrity of your braces.

Sticky foods, candies, and chewing gum should be avoided. The suction and force of these substances is a common threat to the integrity of traditional braces. This could also pull a bracket or spacer out of its intended position, or potentially bend a wire.

At the same time, tough and hard foods, as well as crunching down on ice, also needs to be avoided. These things can also bend wires and damage braces hardware. Sometimes a damaged band can leave a sharp point that pokes the soft tissues in your mouth.

If an area of your braces is compromised, you need to have it examined as soon as possible at West End Orthodontics to prevent further complications. You can always call 804-364-8366 to speak with a member of West End Orthodontics’s team. We can help set up your appointment with our caring orthodontist to help keep your treatment on track.