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While orthodontic emergencies are not common, they do occasionally occur.  When you have an orthodontic emergency, call Dr. Frank Iuorno at West End Orthodontics at 804-364-8366 as soon as possible and make arrangements so that we can correct the problem and get your treatment back on track.  To learn more about orthodontic emergencies in Glen Allen, Virginia, please contact our office today.


There are several types of emergencies that may occur while you are wearing braces:

Bracket or Wire Irritation

If your bracket or wire is irritating your cheek or gums, you can alleviate your discomfort by taking a small piece of wax and placing it over the bracket or wire.  Carry a wax case with you so that you can reapply it if needed.

If a metal tie around your bracket starts to pock you, you can take an eraser or a Q-tip and push it back under the wire.

Loose Wire

If the wire comes out of your bracket or molar band, you can try to move it back into place with tweezers, or you can clip it with finger nail clippers.

Broken Bracket

If a bracket breaks off, contact Dr. Iuorno so that we can rebond it to the tooth.  If the bracket is not attached to the tooth, then it is not moving the tooth, and may slow down your treatment.

Detached Forsus

If the forsus rod comes out of the coil, you can guide it back into place with tweezers.  If it will not stay in place or comes off your braces completely, call our office so that our orthodontist can repair it.  Bring the piece with you, as we can most likely still use it.

Missing Spacer

If a spacer between your teeth comes out before your bonding appointment, it will need to be replaced.  If it falls out only a day or two before your appointment, don’t worry; the spacer has more than likely created enough space for the molar bands to fit nicely.


Because Invisalign® is made of plastic, there are very few situations which will require any kind of emergency service.  The situations which you may experience during your Invisalign treatment include:

Lost or Broken Aligner

Move to the next aligner and wear it for the remainder of the lost aligner’s time, plus a week.

Broken Attachment

Call our office so that we can reattach it as soon as possible.  A broken attachment may slow down your treatment time.

Rough Edge on Your Aligner

You can use a fingernail file to smooth any places that are causing irritation.  If this doesn’t fix the problem, call our office and we will make adjustments to your aligner.

Poorly Fitting Aligners

If you have trouble with an aligner fully fitting on your teeth, we can provide you with other appliances to help the aligner fit correctly and maximize your treatment.


There are only a few problems that you may experience with your retainer.  If the tips recommended for dealing your retainer issues do not work, please call our office and make an appointment with our orthodontist.

Broken or Lost Retainers

If you still have your second set of retainers, wear those.  If not, call the office as soon as possible so that we can replace your retainer.

Tightly Fitting Retainers

Call our office so we can determine if you simply need to wear the retainer full time for a while or if you need a new retainer.