Orthodontic Care for Adults

Your smile is the first thing people notice when they see you. Crooked, crowded teeth or a misaligned bite can make you feel self-conscious no matter what your age. The good news is, with today’s advances in orthodontics, straighter teeth aren’t just for kids and teens anymore. Now more than... Read more »

Braces at a Young Age

Getting braces at a younger age has proved most effective in preventing dental problems in the future. Permanent teeth start to typically come in about the ages of six to eight, and because the bones are still growing, it’s best to evaluate their tooth alignment at a young age to... Read more »

Treatments for a Better Smile: Malocclusion Detection

Orthodontic treatments are capable of treating and eliminating malocclusions. A malocclusion, also frequently referred to as a bad bite, includes or several conditions in which your teeth are not sitting correctly in your mouth. The following is a list of malocclusions that commonly arise within your oral health: - Underbites... Read more »

Always Brush Your Braces

Do you know why our orthodontist and team highly encourage you to brush your teeth every day when you are undergoing orthodontics? We recommend brushing your teeth after every meal and snack you eat. We offer a few reasons why you need to maintain proper tooth brushing habits while you... Read more »

Your Diet Matters to Your Orthodontic Success

Did you know that the success of your orthodontic treatment largely depends on how your follow the instructions provided by Dr. Frank Iuorno and our team? If you are receiving braces to improve the alignment of your teeth, we can help you enjoy successful treatment and complete your orthodontic treatment... Read more »

How to Avoid Easter Problems with Braces

Do you want to prevent orthodontic problems this Easter? If so, then you need to do all you can to keep your braces and smile in tip-top shape. The more you keep your appliance, teeth and gums in mind, the better chance you have of avoiding issues. To help you,... Read more »

How to Have a Good Spring Break With Aligners

Spring break is a great time to take a break from school and other responsibilities in life. However, it’s not a time to take a break from caring for your smile or orthodontic aligners. In fact, you still need to keep your teeth, gums and aligners in tip-top shape. To... Read more »

How Can I Reduce My Risk of Gum Disease If I Have Braces?

Gum disease develops as a harmful periodontal infection resulting from a buildup of plaque. If not treated, it will begin to affect your teeth, gums, and underlying jawbone, halting your progress with orthodontic treatment. Even with braces, you can take steps to prevent gum disease and protect your oral health.... Read more »

The Connection Between Your Smile and Bruxism

Did you know there is a connection between your oral health and a condition called bruxism? Do you suffer from a tight jaw or grind your teeth at night? If so, it may be time for you to seek help with bruxism. Bruxism is an oral health condition that occurs... Read more »

Tips for Preventing Tooth Enamel Fractures When You Have Braces

If you want a strong and healthy smile while you align your teeth with braces, then you need to care for your teeth by preventing tooth enamel fractures, also known as tooth enamel cracks. Unfortunately, there are many things that can fracture your tooth enamel, so you have to be... Read more »