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With all the varied and amazing forms of orthodontic treatment for your smile, there has never been a better time to reap the benefits of an orthodontic aligner system such as Invisalign®. With Invisalign, you can drastically realign your teeth for the straight smile you desire.

Invisalign orthodontic aligners are designed to amaze. The benefits of Invisalign include the following:

– Due to their revolutionary design and the patented thermoplastic materials comprising Invisalign, you can rest assure that your aligners will be form fitting and devoid of any bulky metals and wires.
– To ensure your teeth continue to improve and straighten, new aligners must be installed, which is no problem for Invisalign aligners as they can easily snap in and out of your mouth.
– If you require treatments that can correct misalignments with your teeth, orthodontic aligner systems such as Invisalign can be of service for you.
– Invisalign aligners do not stick out like basic metal aligners do, mostly thanks to their clear and nearly invisible design.
– No food restrictions are necessary with Invisalign as they are completely removable for mealtime.

No matter the needs you require from your smile, our team at West End Orthodontics can help. Dr. Frank Iuorno and our team can give you a comprehensive oral examination to determine which orthodontic aligner procedure is best for you and your oral health care needs. To schedule a visit to our orthodontic office in Glen Allen, Virginia, call us at 804-364-8366. Every day is another chance to improve your oral health.