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Spring break is a great time to take a break from school and other responsibilities in life. However, it’s not a time to take a break from caring for your smile or orthodontic aligners. In fact, you still need to keep your teeth, gums and aligners in tip-top shape. To help you have a good spring break with your aligners, our orthodontist, Dr. Frank Iuorno, encourages you to do the following things:

-Pack your oral hygiene kit: This is important because you will need to clean your teeth, gums and aligner regularly. Your kit should include tools to clean your smile as well as tools to clean your aligner.

-Clean your smile often: This can help you avoid dental issues and a dirty aligner. This is because if you fail to clean your teeth and gums, the food particles and bacteria can become trapped when you put the aligner over your smile. As time passes, the food particles and bacteria can wear down and damage the tooth enamel and make your aligner dirty.

-Take your aligner out of your mouth before eating: This is important because if you keep your aligner in the mouth, then you can damage the appliance as you chew. So, make sure to remove the aligner before eating food or even before chewing gum. It’s also best to remember to rinse your aligner each time you take it out.

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