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Your orthodontic treatment may not require a full set of braces. If you have minor orthodontic issues, such as mild crowding or spacing, or early onset orthodontic relapse, Dr. Frank Iuorno may recommend Express Invisalign® to correct the problem and give you back a beautiful smile as quickly as possible. We welcome you to call us at 804-364-8366 to learn more about Express Invisalign in Glen Allen, Virginia, and schedule your appointment with our orthodontist at West End Orthodontics.

Express Invisalign is the ideal treatment for small orthodontic problems. This Invisalign treatment quickly corrects minor issues and the beginning stages of orthodontic relapse (when your newly-correct teeth begin to return to the previous positions) so that you can enjoy a healthy, attractive, and fully functional smile.

Dr. Iuorno may also recommend Express Invisalign to expedite your treatment in preparation for a restorative treatment, such as the placement of final crowns, implants, or other aesthetic restorations by your general dentist or another dental specialist. Our doctor and team at West End Orthodontics excel in multidisciplinary work, and collaborate with your dentist or specialists to help you achieve beautiful results as quickly as possible.

For more information about Express Invisalign, and to schedule your consultation with our orthodontist, please contact our office today.