Always Brush Your Braces

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Do you know why our orthodontist and team highly encourage you to brush your teeth every day when you are undergoing orthodontics? We recommend brushing your teeth after every meal and snack you eat. We offer a few reasons why you need to maintain proper tooth brushing habits while you are wearing braces.

Brushing is a dental hygiene practice that removes food particles and plaque that accumulate along your teeth and braces. Plaque is a bacteria-rich substance that affects the quality of your teeth and can lead to dental issues such as tooth decay and gum disease, which can severely damage your smile. Also, plaque can dull the visible tooth enamel and cause your smile to have yellow spots after your braces are removed. Brushing helps you to have a clean smile and breath while you are wearing braces and after they are taken off.

Brushing helps to keep your orthodontic appliance in good shape. This is necessary to your orthodontic progression because your braces are used to improve your smile, but they can’t do their job if they aren’t also cared for by you. The more your braces are cleaned every day, the better chance you have of enjoying a successful outcome from your treatment.

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